Wednesday, May 22, 2013

There you are :)

This post is for you so that you may grow up one day to learn the alphabet and perhaps read it to me :) You were born on the 21st of May at the UAE where I had come to visit my sister and you. As everybody wished, you came healthy and timely to this world. Cute and tender as a flower, silent and obedient like nobody else, I understood that day, the magic of creation, is this. Your tiny fingers with nails on them, with which you scratch your supple skin. I wonder again at the creator's magic. The blink every few seconds , like welcome snowfall, the grip on somebody's finger stronger by the sound of your own cry.The occasional smiles, that pulls you like the sight of a  bright rainbow. The way you sleep, with one leg perched on top of another, the tiny toes shivering at my slightest touch.

Basking in all the attention you get, sucking on your own fingers, you look at me by my side, as I type away  that I love you, my dear Nephew :) :*

Monday, April 23, 2012

Into the Void.

I cannot help smiling.I am too excited to blink.To know that the avid reader in me, the not-at-all-choosy-reader has been sleeping in the cradle of my heart ever since I had rebuked her, not to be a hindrance in my AC-cool vanity-flooded world.The time when really, I enjoyed murky dingy colors, warm and humid, that smelled of rain , compared to the bright bubbly fun colors, that smelt of sickly sweet fragrant air freshners.I had scared her to death.Or so I thought.She isn't dead.

I'm suddenly feeling the rush to get drenched in the rain of words, the kind that follow you wherever you go,like the Hutch pup.Even to your bath and bed.And cloth you in your dream.As your dream.

 I'm glad she's awake now.And spontaneously so.Or not.May be stirred by the death.Not by grief, but because of a need.Because there is a void she needs to fill.One that did not exist before, like many other things she failed to notice.

The words are coming slow now.It might even have stopped.Is she hesitant to take the plunge?Oh!yes.But at times, she could take a swim.To build the inside of the thing, she calls Void.

(In memory of my dear friend Raghuram, who made an untimely exit from the world of words.For Him, who  is the Godfather of the writer and reader in me.)

Call it 'Me'

Yesterday :
                     a wandering feather in the wind, oblivious of my destiny, led by the breeze. I saw the kid stretch her hand, I flew away dancing with the breeze.
                     I could feel, I made a wonderful sight.

Today :
                     a free-fall from the heights of a balloon into your open arms.Confetti, I am.Still purposeless, if not for the smile on your lips, even as you trod on me as you smile into the cam, as they sing 'Happy Birthday'.

                 I can tell, I brought bliss.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

the so-called-poet.

She sat down,her lap rocking the book,
The pencil smiled, said 'i've seen this look',
'but,whats cooking in your head,
That the world has not yet read?'
She took the pencil,stared at it,
As if to force the wooden stick to spit,
The sharp thoughts that are tearing down her inside,
The bitter truths she has to confide
Words escaped her,incapable of bearing the sin,
Of giving voice to her thoughts within.
she saw the letters leaving her,all of the alphabet,
The only beings in the world,she considered her pet.
She fondly remembered the times when they played around,
The joy of finding and of being found.
And pearls of tears dropped from her oyster eyes,
To finally realize the pain of saying good-byes.
'i'd never again ignore you,ever.i promise',
Shouted her hair,nail amd every orifice.
And the pencil stood up,from its reclining chair,
And started writing with all its flair.
Yet again. :) The so-called-poet.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

happy valentines day :)

She was shopping in the metro , with the city buzzing with valentine's day offers in the shops,when she sat down at a coffee shop with a book she had picked up on the way.As she flipped through the pages , she found a piece of paper flying past her.She grabbed it just in time  and wondered whether it had been from her book or someone else's.she looked around and only saw a few girls hanging around clicking  wierd pics of themselves  and a few wierd couples having a tough time behaving themselves ;)

and so she thought she might as well check if it was something important or interesting!and this is what she read.

 " ....the first valentines day when I'm painfully single.True,last year, I was inevitably single, but not painfully so.I believed that You were there,somewhere in the crowd, oggling at some other girl, yet thinking of me...

What a perfect timing to wake up from my dream.A dream that has lead to the death of a girl.An innocent creature by nature,steered by the crowd into unknown territories,too talented, she camoufllaged her innocence well beneath  her skills of being or acting rebellious, nobody knows which.Now what she was left with was a life without love, which blotches of guilt and stains of blood on the innocence that once was hers.

I have now woken up from the sad demise of the girl.I am not scared she looked like me,I was not scared she was called my name.I am celebrating her death.Because for her love was life, and lost love was death.

Happy Valentines Day"

she  did not know if  it was fiction/a dairy entry , it was a mad piece of writing that left her stoned.How could two people think the same things,write the same things!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


understanding someone is difficult...but at certain times,making someone understand that you understand,is even more difficult!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Through the door.

I always kept my door open, hoping that some day you'll walk through it.I looked at the open doorway for so long that I thought I was looking at a photograph...because nothing changed..and i stopped waiting and looking for you.

And then when I wasn't looking,you came from behind,through the doorway and hugged me tight,as if there were no yesterdays and I closed the door behind you, and night fell..and in the middle of the night,you jumped out through the small window,leaving your innocent smile on my lips.And it was night ever since.

But what I did not know was that you came up every day,found the closed door And the closed window and went back daily to come again..till you stopped.when will you come again?This time,I'll leave the door open for you,dear morning :)